[sixties-l] N.Y.U. Allows Army Recruiter To Visit

From: monkerud (monkerud@scruznet.com)
Date: 10/22/00

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    Military recruiters on campus is an excellent time to put a booth up next
    to theirs to point out what the US government is doing around the world. We
    did it often at San Diego State and Sacramento State back in the 60s. A
    Marine told me he wanted to kill me, but I'm still here so the number of
    people we talked to got their minds turned around. And a number of them had
    never questioned "service to their country." When they serve you lemons,
    make lemonade....
    best, Don Monkerud
    At 5:02 PM -0400 10/18/00, Ronald M. Jacobs wrote:
    >Regarding military recruitment on college campuses--First off, this new
    >law which would take away monies from schools that refyse recruiters is
    >nothing more than blackmail.  Tangentially, it shows the real and scary
    >complicity between academia and the war machine.  As far as organizng
    >against it, didn't Abbie Hoffman and others successfully challenge CIA
    >recruiting at Amherst in the 1980s using an argument that recruitment was
    >not the same as free speech?  Peripherally, I could never get behind the
    >tactic of organizing around discrimination against gays and lesbians by
    >the military as a reason to keep them away.  If one is to organize against
    >the military, shouldn't the broader issue of the military's role in
    >killing for the empire be front and center?  After all, will the
    >military's raison d'etre be any better if and when it ends discrimination
    >against gays and lesbians?
    >-ron jacobs

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