Re: [sixties-l] real news about SDS film

From: monkerud (
Date: 10/22/00

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    Regardless of Bill's "warning," SDS was the principal national
    organization. This should be followed with an explaination of how
    Progressive Labor Party, a Communist Party group out of NYC, took over the
    democratic organization in a well orchestrated attack led by secret
    best, Don Monkerud
    At 10:39 PM -0700 10/15/00, William M Mandel wrote:
    >I will certainly see the film, but the blurb worries me just a bit. Of course
    >SDS deserves a film, but I hope a new generation does not leave the
    >theater with
    >the view that it was THE student movement of the sixties. In Berkeley, in
    >Madison, and elsewhere, there were white student movements of tremendous
    >either before or during SDS. Among Blacks, there was SNCC of course.
    >William Mandel

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