[sixties-l] Re: Saving Democracy Now

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (jab@tucradio.org)
Date: 10/18/00

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    From: Eileen Sutton [mailto:efsutton@earthlink.net]
    Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 10:16 PM
    Pacifica Radio, now in its 50th year, was an essential voice of the 60s
    protest movement.  Now, forces at work that closely resemble the days of
    COINTELPRO have seized control of the network, thanks to the assistance
    of folks once connected to the CPUSA (which was heavily infiltrated by
    the FBI), the latest and most prominent culprit being the
    undistinguished chair of the US Civil Rights Commission, Mary Frances
    Berry, who as chair of Pacifica, has been a prime architecht of its
    destruction. The action against Democracy Now, conducted by its new
    program director, obviously a devious jerk named Steve Yasko, is about
    to destroy the only good thing produced by Pacifica, Democracy Now!, as
    indicated in the following post sent by a co-worker at WBAI in NY.
    >From Eileen Sutton:
    It's been reported to me that Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman has 
    received a letter from a Pacifica attorney informing her that if she 
    doesn't prerecord Democracy Now! at least three times a week she will 
    be fired.
    The reasoning behind this is murky at best.  Apparently they're 
    claiming that DN is NOT a news program and so doesn't need to be live 
    everyday--which is patently false. But there may be more to it than 
    that.  Some believe (1) they intend to review the programs for 
    content and order her to remove anything they don't like, or just 
    remove it themselves or (2) it is the next move to pressure Amy out 
    of her job either by making it impossible for her to do it or by 
    laying yet another sheaf in the paper trial of alleged infractions.

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