[sixties-l] [change-links] Another Amy Goodman update

From: John Johnson (change@pacbell.net)
Date: 10/19/00

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    From: Eileen Sutton <efsutton@earthlink.net>
    Free-Speech Comrades:
    I spoke to Amy Goodman tonight.  She was in fact given a letter by
    Pacifica threatening her with termination if she does not abide by a
    strict set of work rules.  Amy is concerned that all of us not get
    bogged down in the details of this letter.  It's not a privacy issue,
    she says, but about focus.  These work rules will effectively crush
    her ability to produce Democracy Now! as we know it.  According to
    Amy, this is a direct, political attack on the content of her show,
    and her parting thought was, the situation is dire.
    I encourage all of you to do everything you can to get the word out
    to listeners and affiliate stations across the country.  The
    ever-glorious Andrea Buffa of Media Alliance in San Franciso has
    reached out to us here in New York about possibly building a national
    action in support of saving Pacifica and Democracy Now! from the
    throws of this coup.
    Here at WBAI, Pacifica has already seized fiscal control of the
    station.  Everyone is encouraged to find a listener group in your
    area.  If you don't have one, create one.  Time is of the essence.
    The next New York meeting will be in about 10 days.  The exact day
    and time will be posted.  Anyone receiving this is welcome to contact
    me for more information.
    Eileen Sutton
    WBAI News
    Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship
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