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From: Alex Bloom (abloom@wheatonma.edu)
Date: 10/17/00

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    a colleague asks that this be forwarded to the sixties list.
    >From: Jeanette Baust <jbaust@du.edu> 
    >Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:14:10 +0000 
    >As a student of sociology of religion, who does a lot of work in 
    >diversity education, I find myself on the mailing list of numerous 
    >organizations. Yesterday I heard from "Focus on the Family," a 
    >conservative Christian organization in Colorado Springs, founded by 
    >James Dobson. They sent me a mailing, which included a fairly thick 
    >booklet describing the "Nine Key Issues that will Shape Our Future." In 
    >reference to education it reads, "Many of our schools are besieged by 
    >... moral relativism (under the guise of multiculturalism), revisionist 
    >history and amoral sex education, among other things." Dobson 
    >encourages a day of prayer and fasting on November 5th and a commitment 
    >to get out the vote. He challenges the thousands who receive his 
    >mailings to urge two people to vote, who in turn will ask two more. He 
    >says, they are trusting that a "domino effect" will occur. 
    >Once again, I am reminded how mobilized, committed, and vigilant people 
    >like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson and others are. I 
    >respect their commitment to overturn Roe v. Wade, appointing Supreme 
    >Court Justices who will vote with Scalia and Thomas. I acknowledge their 
    >drive to get vouchers for constituents who can send their (predominantly 
    >white) children to religious schools and turn school boards into purely 
    >ideological battle grounds. 
    >But I am often in a quandry, in important historical moments like these, 
    >why many of the other "list serves" I receive never mention that there 
    >is an upcoming election. They talk about national academic meetings and 
    >agendas, but somehow ignore the political fray, (taking the high 
    >I encourage those of you who care about racism, sexism, issues of sexual 
    >identity, class stratification, and intellectual freedom to join the 
    >other 'domino effect' and impact the upcoming presidential and 
    >congressional election. It is my suspicion that you will be doing more 
    >for ASR and the issues we say we care about than you can imagine. 
    >At the very least, you could send an e-mail to your list-serves and 
    >friends, relatives and colleagues, like I am doing today. This may well 
    >be the closest election in 30-40 years and our activity (or lack of it) 
    >may make all of the difference. 
    >Thanks for reading this and considering some action. 
    >Jeanette Baust>Univ. of Denver/Iliff School of Theology 

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