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From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 10/15/00

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       I have a copy of Scanlan in my archives,  I quote from it the number of 
    bombings , I couldn't remember the name, I thought it was Esquire or 
    Evergreen,  but you are right.   I will look for it.  My memory is there was 
    a list of 500 bombings that happened in one year in the USA.  (1969?)
    Michael wrote
    >In this regard, they but carried on a recent national tradition. In 1971,
    >Scanlan's (I:8) published an issue devoted mainly to itemizing domestic
    >bombings. I forget whether it was from there only or other sources also
    >that I
    >derived a cumulative estimate of 5,000 - 8,000  for the period 1965-72;
    >whether the peak average was 6 or 8  bombings per day;

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