[sixties-l] real news about SDS film

From: Sdsrebels@aol.com
Date: 10/14/00

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    Well, REBELS, WITH A CAUSE, my new documentary on the sixties is opening in 
    NY Nov 10 (Nov 10 to 16 at the Screening Room Theater) and will also be 
    opening in other cities around the country (including Cambridge^ Nov 17-19 
    and Berkeley ^ Dec 1-6).  Please spread the word to any friends who might be 
    interested.  I'll try to keep the list of showings updated on our (minimal so 
    far) website [www.sdsrebels.com].  
    For those new to the list (or who didn't see info on it a couple months ago 
    because it mysteriously never got into the digest), here's a quick summary:
    REBELS WITH A CAUSE is the story of the hopes, rebellions, and repression of 
    the 1960s ^ told by members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the 
    largest student organization of the era.  VARIETY says "an indispensible 
    record...eloquent oral history... unprecedented access." 
    I hope to see you at one of the screenings.  
    Helen Garvy  
    26873 Hester Creek Road, 
    Los Gatos, CA  95033
    (408) 353-4253

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