[sixties-l] RE: FSM credits

From: Michael Rossman (mrossman@igc.org)
Date: 10/14/00

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    Jo Freeman writes, re her post responding to Wm. Mandel,  "Since Michael
    Rossman thought my attempt at humor was an 'unseemly taunt'  let me stick to
    facts," and goes on at delicious length.
    Jeepers, Jo, I do apologize, not least because I can hear my scold as not only
    casual but sanctimonious. What you wrote was funny indeed, but I had not
    grasped it as intentional humor. I am likely over-sensitive and -reactive to
    nuances of (projected?) nastiness, since the last substantive online
    conference I attended was a dysfunctional carnage despite its austere topic,
    the physics of consciousness. As Mandel is so concerned about his place in
    history,on reading what seemed in context an unnecessary  reminder that his
    role in the FSM is debateable, I winced from a sense of how it might strike
    him, as well as from  apprehension of the roughening of a conversation that
    had been settling to determined civility. Which my scold hardly helped.
    Meanwhile, separately, I have found myself responding to Mandel on another
    point for which he may claim credit excessively (prophesy of the New Left),
    and so risking the same dynamics. Perhaps my scold was a try to stand on the
    other side before striking him myself.
    Whatever, I hope you will hear "goes on at delicious length" not as a jab but
    as sincere tribute, with a chuckle; for every word was valuable to me,
    particularly the last paragraph. If a scold on any other topic related to the
    FSM can prompt such substantive response, I trust you'll forgive me.
     With that said, I observe that your recent posts, though informative, do not
    fully account Mandel's place in the FSM. As I haven't yet read his memoirs, my
    own recollection and assessment are neither contaminated nor corrected by
    contact with his -- save by my digestion of his recent brief post about ExCom,
    and his various reminders at public gatherings over the years.

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