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Date: 10/14/00

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    I am sorry if Carroll Cox or others here may find, in my hesitance to believe 
    that only Israelis were responsible for beginning the current violence, and 
    my insistence on a distinction between Israeli people and various portions of 
    the Israeli government, an unawareness of the racism in Zionism.  To the 
    contrary.  Actually, my position on this is close to that of the Women in 
    Black, who, I am happy to say, had--and received good local coverage for--a 
    fine rally at the Israel Bonds office in S.F. this evening (as for my general 
    position of the issue, cf. my article in a late-Oct. or early-Nov. 1973 issue 
    of the Berkeley Barb, which ended with a line something like "I would be out 
    there between both the lines, I guess, shouting 'YOU are not each other's 
    enemies!' ... " ) Part of my point in that article was there is indeed an 
    anti-semitism toward both Jews and Arabs that gets expressed in--it was in 
    the television anchors' resigned-shrug-delivery of "Violence broke out again 
    today between..."--the general US (and European) culture.
          But of course it's not just anti-semitism.  It's the same "south of the 
    Rio Grande" "little brown ones" "yellow menace" etc. of My Lai--and of 
    Hiroshima, Wounded Knee, Auschwitz, and the rest.        
            --So if I seem a bit insistent that these persons are people, guys, 
    this is why.

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