[sixties-l] Fwd: THE VETERAN (Fall/Winter 2000) Call for Articles

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 10/13/00

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    >Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000
    >From: Vietnam Veterans Against the War <xx600@prairienet.org>
    >Subject: THE VETERAN (Fall/Winter 2000) Call for Articles
    >To all on VVAWNET and VVAWINC:
    >It's that time again. We expect the next issue (Fall/Winter 2000) to be
    >available sometime in January 2001.  Our schedule is running a little later
    >than usual, since the last issue came out late.
    >We need articles as soon as possible. We are looking for material on a
    >range of topics, including veterans' health and benefits, anniversaries
    >(i.e., ten years since the Gulf War, 30 years since Dewey Canyon III),
    >recollections of Vietnam war experiences and/or VVAW involvement,
    >international and domestic reports/analysis, chapter activity reports, film
    >and book reviews, short fiction, and on and on. Submission guidelines are
    >included below.
    >                 ****DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 15, 2000****
    >We could also always use financial donations to help pay the costs of
    >publication and distribution. Send any such donations to the National
    >Office at the address listed at the bottom of this message. Checks should
    >be made out to "VVAW, Inc." Donations are tax-deductible.
    >Peace with Justice,
    >Joe Miller
    >National Office, VVAW, Inc.
    >Submission Guidelines for The Veteran
    >A full page in THE VETERAN, including space for a photo or a drop quote,
    >equals about 1000 words. A half page is about 500 words. Please take this
    >into consideration when writing, and it'll be less likely your article will
    >need to be edited for size.
    >We *prefer* to receive articles via email, but will also take mailed
    >diskettes (3 1/4", plain vanilla ASCII files, PC or Mac okay; **please
    >include hard copy**) and paper (least preferable).
    >To send your article to THE VETERAN, email vvaw@prairienet.org and make
    >certain to place in your subject header ATTN: VETERAN EDITOR, or something
    >to that effect. The postal mailing address you should use is:
    >The Veteran
    >c/o VVAW, C-U Chapter
    >P.O. Box 2065, Station A
    >Champaign, IL 61825-2065
    >Let us know how we can get in touch with you should questions arise during
    >editing. Include a suggested title for your article and provide us with
    >some biographical info that we can use in the byline -- veteran status (if
    >applicable), your connection to VVAW, and, optionally, your current
    >occupation (and anything else you think appropriate).
    >If you have found an article that has already been printed but would be
    >useful to us, please send a copy of the article (clipping or photocopy with
    >name and date of publication and contact info). Stories and poetry written
    >by VVAW-connected people will also be considered.
    >One last thing: if you have a good photograph that relates to your story,
    >we'd love to print it (space allowing). We *prefer* black and white,
    >non-glossy pix. We are also looking for interesting and new graphics, line
    >drawings and such...any artists out there?
    >We look forward to your input. Thanks very much for supporting VVAW and THE
    ><<Editorial Collective>>
    >Lisa Boucher, Editor
    >Jeff Machota, Layout
    >Joe Miller, Contributing Editor
    >Barry Romo, Contributing Editor
    >Joseph T. Miller                National Office
    >USN, 1961-1968                  Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc.
    >National Co-Coordinator         PO Box 408594
    >Member, VVAW C-U Chapter        Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 327-5756
    >(217) 328-2444                  e-mail: vvaw@prairienet.org
    >          http://www.prairienet.org/vvaw/

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