[sixties-l] Re: threats now and power towers then

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/12/00

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    Where I work (a Jewish cultural institution), I opened the email today and 
    there it was, "You kiks are gonna feel sick when you see your relatives 
    dragged..." etc.; and also has anyone but me on this list taken a look at the 
    Israel-Palestinian conflict discussions on, e.g., AOL News discussions, as 
    the posts are, re both sides (as if only two), at about that level.   (I'm 
    not sure what I'm trying to say to people who've posted on this, here; I 
    would certainly say, though, maybe spend some of the time spent on this here 
    in, instead, trying to raise the level "out there" on the net.)
      This sort of racist virulence makes Michael Rossman's point re the 
    peace-love-hippie/activist connection in the mostly bloodless bombings etc. 
    of the late sixties here, even more important. My own experience--though I 
    too was in Berkeley, so there may be some regional effect on this--was that 
    MANY of us were very enthusiastic by--was it in June 1967 or was that 
    something else?--the power tower bombing and similar events.  Even though we 
    questioned the political efficacy.  These were propaganda activities, let us 
    remember, propaganda-of-the-deed stuff, not attempts toward major disruption; 
    an interesting point is their relation to the more agit-prop activities of 
    the time (and of today--e.g. those puppets).   The relation of activism to 
    play, and these to (not only hippie) searches to be in/of a more loving and 
    peaceful society, is important to explore for its current as well as historic 

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