[sixties-l] whole or near-whole previous messages, was Re:Indian Wars and Vietnam

From: Carrol Cox (cbcox@ilstu.edu)
Date: 10/12/00

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    PNFPNF@aol.com wrote:
    >    What is less useful--please, moderator, can you help on this?--is the long
    > citing/snips of whole or near-whole previous messages (and their
    > predecessors, often) in people's posts.
    Every list I am on has had posts recently protesting this obnoxious habit, and on
    one list the moderator continually begs members not to do it. And posters keep on
    doing it. There seems to be no rational way to stop it. (It would be too much
    work for the moderator for him/her to police it.)
    Very tentatively, I ask: would group action be an acceptable practice in response
    to such practices?
    Would it be appropriate to direct mass spams to the addresses of frequent or
    egregious offenders?

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