[sixties-l] Question About Lemmer & FOI

From: Sorrento95@aol.com
Date: 10/12/00

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    I have recently been advised that we are
    entitled to make Freedom of Information
    Act requests about the activities of former
    FBI informants if they are no longer living.
    Has anyone on this list had such experience?
    Additionally, a couple of years ago a list
    member informed me that former FBI informant
    William Lemmer, who was a spy within the VVAW,
    had died.  If the information in the above
    paragraph is true, I would like to make an FOI
    request about him.  If the individual informing
    me of his death is still on this list, can
    you tell me how to confirm it in an FOI request?
    Michael Wright
    Norman, Oklahoma

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