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From: Tony Edmonds (
Date: 10/11/00

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    David Horowitz wrote:
    >I doubt if you can find a single instance where an insult that passed my
    >was not in response to a prior insult. If good manners means turning the
    >cheek, well count me out.
    I guess there are some parts of the philosophy of the Civil Rights movement
    that you don't seem to adopt for your self.  Understandable but sad.
    As a more general query, as a minor league sixties activist, I always had
    large problems-- (or should I now say "issues"?  Yuck!)--with the idea of
    shouting down speakers, flaunting Viet Cong flags, using insulting language.
    Like Marty Jezer, I found it counter productive.  Even a little juvenile.
    Maybe Mr. Horowitz retains some radical activist methodology in a very
    different cause.  Whining back is pretty distasteful as a tactic in
    discourse, imho.
    Tony Edmonds
    Ball State University
    Tony Ed

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