Re: [sixties-l] Making the Vietnam-Israeli Link explicit

From: Jerry West (
Date: 10/11/00

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    Tom Nagy wrote: making more explicit the link of today's Israeli government
    atrocities to the 60's atrocities of the U.S. in Vietnam.
    JW reply:
    That is a stretch in one's imagination, particularly if one has
    extensive experience on the ground in Vietnam during the war.
    I am no fan of the Vietnam War nor a supporter of the US involvement
    there, but with rare exceptions such as My Lai directly shooting down
    children was not a common occurance.  What was a common occurance was
    providing medical aid and other relief to the villagers, many of whom no
    doubt were VC or VC sympathizers.
    There is a lot to criticize about the Vietnam War and probably even more
    to criticize about the Israeli's treatment of the Palistinians, but
    trying to link atrocities as you propose will only cloud up one's
    understanding of both items.
    TN wrote:
    Today's  Israeli solders' rockets and bullets against  Palestinian
    children's rocks force us to relive   America's high-tech weapons
    against the Vietnamese peasants.
    JW reply:
    A large portion of the war was fought against the North Vietnamese Army
    and on the ground they were as well equipped, if not better in some
    areas, than the US was.  Even the VC were fairly well armed and very
    clever in using the resources at hand.
    TN wrote:
    The same horrors, the same lies, even the same kill ratios trouble our
    JW reply:
    What is this kill ratio stuff?  Are the Israelis using a bodycount
    system to measure progress?  
    TN wrote:
    Answering the rocks of children with bullets invokes American napalm
    against Vietnamese rifles.
    JW reply:
    Only if you know little about bullets, rocks, nalpalm and rifles.  There
    is a substantial difference between facing a few rocks and facing
    sustained rifle fire.
    TN wrote:
    To preserver the vitality of the '60 list, it is essential  to address
    today's slightly updated re-enactments of the US government lies and
    atrocities of the '60's.
    JW reply:
    OK, but let us not compare apples to oranges.
    TN wrote:
    This list must address the continuing need of the U.S. and it's allies
    to kill kids to preserve our empire and those of our allies.
    JW reply:
    What exactly do you mean by need?  Maybe the word practice would be a
    better fit?
    Jerry West
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