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From: Jerry West (record@island.net)
Date: 10/11/00

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    Michael Rossman wrote:
    Perhaps it would have been clearer had I begun, "Although Foster's
    murder was an unconscionable crime, the SLA's spurious rationale is
    interesting to consider in light of developments since."
    JW reply:
    Now that is to the point with no ambiguity and would have answered my
    question, even without the word spurious.
    MR wrote:
    ....if the Great Food Giveaway had been the only caper staged by the SLA
    -- no murder of Foster, no bank robberies, etc.; only the quick kidnap
    of the heiress, her public ransom, and either her promised return or her
    mysterious vanishing with the rest of the crew, never to be heard from
    again -- it would have passed into legend as an amazing piece of
    class-consciousness theater, and would have been justly celebrated even
    by many who also felt, as I do, that there's no excuse for kidnapping
    people at gunpoint.
    JW reply:
    My sentiments too.  It was the one good idea that they had.
    I was a bit impressed with the New World Liberation Front who tried to
    make a point of not hurting anyone while they were blowing things up.  I
    can remember waking up at night in Berkeley in the 70s to the sound of
    yet another door to the B of A being blown apart.
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