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Date: 10/10/00

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    Yikes, im  writing abt. DH again.  
    Last year, an academic conference was presented in Valley Forge by  the 
    Association of the Study of Popular Culture .   Academic papers were read  
    and presented all day and night.  I was put on the big event Saturday Night 
    with DH.   Shortly,   before conference began a  young man appeared with two 
    security body guards to check all the rooms where the conference was being 
    held.  I followed them as they look at the room we were to talk in , the 
    kitchen, stairs, nearest exit etc. While I was setting up my slides I hung 
    out with the body guards.  They were both ex Phili. police.   We talked of 
    Vermont and our famous hocky player whose name I didn't know, who they were 
    and why they were there.  They said DH expected Black Panthers or others to 
    show up and attack him.     In the resturant both DH and I sat at separate 
    tables. He with his guards and I with some  of the organizers of the 
    conference.  We both ordered shrimp cocktail.    DH had a group of little old 
    ladies and retired men some were retired firemen, police, etc .  One of the 
    little old ladies came about 5 hours too early.  She thought DH would have 
    been hanging around for the rest of the conference .  She was upset that   
    she had driven 2-3 hours to get there and had to wait.   I asked her how she 
    found out abt. the conference.  She said she received a leaflet in the mail 
    and showed it to me.  It was  an announcement  of the conference sent to 
    people in Penn.  and a request for $.  She loves DH  and sends him $ .  DH 
    publisher had brought boxes and boxes of books, I think about 3 books were 
    sold.    The body guards were at the door , very intimidating for something 
    academic.  They checked everyones name tag.  About 10 people on DH side came, 
    each had to pay the conference 20 bucks to get in .  Our subject matter was 
    the Black Panther Party.    He was the only presented who talked  without 
    presenting a paper.  No facts.   He talked like he does on this form.  He 
    kept repeating  that the Panthers were a gang of criminals.   The academics 
    at the presentation tried to answer him or ask questions but as you can tell 
    from this form his responses disintergrated into bullying.  
    After DH and my presentation I asked the security guards what they thought.  
    One answered   " We agree with him" (DH)
    >Horowitz charges. This Wednesday, he will bring his controversial
    >message into the very belly of the liberal beast -- Columbia University
    >Law School -- where he will speak on reparations, leftist race-mongering
    >and other explosive issues. Security will be tight, with identity checks
    >at the door, to screen out troublemakers. "I am doing this because we must
    >never surrender territory to the enemy," Horowitz explains.

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