[sixties-l] Making the Vietnam-Israeli Link explicit

From: Tom Nagy (nagy@gwu.edu)
Date: 10/10/00

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          Dear Editor of 60's List:
                Your concern about keeping comments on the '60's can be handled by
    making more explicit the link of today's Israeli government atrocities to the
    60's atrocities of the U.S. in Vietnam.
                Today's  Israeli solders' rockets and bullets against  Palestinian
    children's rocks force us to relive   America's high-tech weapons against the
    Vietnamese peasants.
            The same horrors, the same lies, even the same kill ratios trouble our
                For many of us, people of the sixties, little can be as  relevant
    to the '60s  discussion list as   the  on-going , US funded massacre of
    Palestinian children and the more subtle, but  continuous,  media-savy
    genocide of the children of Iraq using the economic bomb called economic
    sanctions.  Answering the rocks of children with bullets  invokes American
    napalm against Vietnamese rifles.  Neither the  religion nor ethnicity of high
    tech killers  are relevant to  the nature of this crime. Ditto for those who
    finance,  direct, or  egg them on.
               To preserver the vitality of the  '60 list,  it is essential  to
    address today's slightly updated  re-enactments of the US government lies and
    atrocities of the '60's. This list must address the continuing need  of the
    U.S. and it's allies to kill kids to preserve our empire and those of our
    allies. .  It  is necessary to explicate  the collusion of mainstream media
    and intellectual whores inside and outside the universities -- then and now.
    To see one response to the academies legitimization of killers in suits (or
    dresses), check  the pamphlet protesting Sec. Albright's desecration of the
    GWU commencement at www.gwu.edu/~nagy    The pamphlet got me surrounded by
    Albright's goon -- must have been a low threat day for the goons to react so
    strongly to this threatened  aged, pacificist prof's pamphlet.
    Tom Nagy
         Tom Nagy
    sixties@lists.village.virginia.edu wrote:
    > To all:
    > While it is encouraging to see all the debate on this list about current
    > events, I want to remind folks that this is the "Sixties List". Please try
    > to keep on topic. I have in mind especially the Israeli/Palestinian
    > discussion. Thanks!
    > the modr8r

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