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From: monkerud (
Date: 10/09/00

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    The news today reports that all citizens of Isreal are rallying behind the
    government because the state of Isreal is being attacked. And there have
    been a few reports of guns being used against the heavily armed Isreali
    army. How much of this reportage comes from the CIA and how much from
    independent news sources? I wish we had someone from Isreal on this list
    now... an independent voice that is.
    It's interesting to note also that some of the places being attacked are in
    Palestian territory.. surrounded in fact. Right wing Isrealis are also
    building enclaves in these areas. Deliberate provocation...
    best, don
    At 7:03 PM -0400 10/8/00, wrote:
    >The main problem I am having with some--by no means all--of the comments here
    >re Israel's (recent) violence is the failure to distinguish between the
    >Israelis and their government.  I do not recall that we made that mistake re,
    >for example, the South Vietnamese entity and population, nor of hearing of it
    >made re the U.S./us, e.g., by such groups as the Viet Minh or the Sandinistas
    >(for instance).
    >   Paula

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