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From: David Horowitz (
Date: 10/09/00

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    Kudos to you Chris observing this and reminding the faint of heart of the obvious:
    intelligent human beings agree on very little, and disagreement makes things
    interesting (and perhaps even informative) for everyone.
    Chris Shugart wrote:
    > >and certainly in this case, the degradation of the discourse is as evident as
    > >the loss of readership and participation.
    > I don't know how Rossman manages to tally his so called loss of readership
    > and participation, but the mailings I've received from this list have
    > noticeably increased since all the natter about The Unmentionable One and
    > the complaints, and threats of leaving, etc. Perhaps he was referring to
    > quality, not quantity
    > Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the increase in posts. I don't
    > filter this list so maybe I'm receiving posts that others have wished into
    > the cyber cornfield. I do filter out the junk mail though(you know the kind
    > - how to become rich, immortal, and omnipotent, and do it all for free in
    > your spare time) .
    > I'm all for judicious discretion, but I have a strong suspicion that what
    > sometimes passes as exercising one's personal preference is actually a pair
    > of blinders meant to preserve one's narrow view.
    > C.S.

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