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From: Michael Rossman (mrossman@igc.org)
Date: 10/10/00

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    Chris Shugart  writes:
    "I don't know how Rossman manages to tally his so called loss of readership
    and participation."
    Chris has surely caught me off-base. When I wrote, " the degradation of the
    discourse is as evident as the loss of readership and participation," I
    expressed my own sense of its recent textures. But as I haven't tracked the
    conversation  closely long enough to judge for myself, I was relying on
    opinions that others have voiced recently about such losses. I'm afraid I did
    digest these uncritically (though not without noticing that they provoked no
    serious rebuttal from others, so far as my browsing surveyed) -- and was moved
    unconsciously to credit them, since they accord with what I have witnessed
    more carefully elsewhere, such losses occurring in other worthy online
    conferences afflicted with assaultive personalities and weak moderation.
    Can it be that such losses have not occurred in this one, and that my
    assessment of its acrimonious texture is mistaken? I'd appreciate others' opinions.
           Michael Rossman  <mrossman@igc.org>

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