Re: [sixties-l] Re: Delete file

From: Chris Shugart (
Date: 10/09/00

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    >and certainly in this case, the degradation of the discourse is as evident as
    >the loss of readership and participation.
    I don't know how Rossman manages to tally his so called loss of readership 
    and participation, but the mailings I've received from this list have 
    noticeably increased since all the natter about The Unmentionable One and 
    the complaints, and threats of leaving, etc. Perhaps he was referring to 
    quality, not quantity
    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the increase in posts. I don't 
    filter this list so maybe I'm receiving posts that others have wished into 
    the cyber cornfield. I do filter out the junk mail though(you know the kind 
    - how to become rich, immortal, and omnipotent, and do it all for free in 
    your spare time) .
    I'm all for judicious discretion, but I have a strong suspicion that what 
    sometimes passes as exercising one's personal preference is actually a pair 
    of blinders meant to preserve one's narrow view.

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