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From: John Johnson (
Date: 10/09/00

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    At 02:27 AM 10/9/2000, you wrote:
    >John, your statement that those who oppose a Jewish state are
    >anti-semitic is simply one more example of your capitulation to
    >pro-Israel propaganda which equates anti-Zionmism with anti-semitism.
    Well I don't think so of course.  Yes there were many intrigues regarding 
    the founding of the State of Israel.  Other places, such as the Soviet 
    Union had been mentioned as a place for a Jewish homeland..  For both good 
    and bad reasons the ancient homeland was decided upon.
    But that does not negate the point that a secure homeland and country for 
    the Jews is thought of as a good idea.  I in general do like like 
    nationalism but in todays world that is a necessity.  The Armenians, the 
    Kurds, the East Timorese and many other oppressed people need a secure 
    place also.
    It would have been much better if it was founded as a secular democratic 
    state and many as you say wanted that.   And it certainly would be better 
    if it were today.
    It isn't and thats the situation that has to be dealt with.
    The beginning point of this thread  is that if a movement is to be built, 
    it can't be built on rhetoric but the situation has to be explained to the 
    broader public from points they understand.
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