Re: [sixties-l] Re: peoples and governments

From: William M Mandel (
Date: 10/09/00

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    In the current situation, those in Israel who oppose their government's violence
    must act against it. Because of the country's pretensions to democracy
    (extraordinarily like ancient Greece, which was really democratic for the Greeks,
    but who exploited slaves won in wars), they can make themselves heard at this
    point without serious fear of severe reprisal. If they don't, they are supporting
    the violence.
    William Mandel wrote:
    > The main problem I am having with some--by no means all--of the comments here
    > re Israel's (recent) violence is the failure to distinguish between the
    > Israelis and their government.  I do not recall that we made that mistake re,
    > for example, the South Vietnamese entity and population, nor of hearing of it
    > made re the U.S./us, e.g., by such groups as the Viet Minh or the Sandinistas
    > (for instance).
    >    Paula

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