Re: [sixties-l] 3500 Protest in San Francisco

From: David Horowitz (
Date: 10/09/00

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    It's not really complex. The Palestinians have been waging a holy war
    against Israel for decades. Not once have they accepted Israel's right
    to exist, not once during the entire peace process (and of course
    before) have they renounced violence. Rocks are deadly, and the
    Palestinian violence that provoked the Israeli response was clearly
    designed to assert sovereignty over territory that is now Israel's. Only
    the feeble minded don't see that this is a declaration of war and an act
    of aggression.
    Randy Fertel wrote:
    > on 10/7/00 4:40 PM, David Horowitz at wrote:
    > > When you attack a holy site on a holy day and illegally claim it to
    > be
    > > yours, as the Palestinians did, there are no innocents.
    > >
    > This is a very troubling post.  "There are no innocents."  Where have
    > we heard that before? David Horowitz seems to be calling for total
    > war, kill all the savages: all too familiar a cry in American
    > history.  But I would hate to see us exporting once again our notion
    > of American exceptionalism, redemption-through-violence and offering
    > it wholesale to a client state (whose claim to the moral high ground
    > is sufficiently shrill as it is).
    > Reprehensible rhetoric.  The situation in the Near East is complex and
    > it is a tinder-box.  It needs neither Horowitz's black-and-white,
    > reductionist moral perspective, nor his lucifer-match.
    > One of these days David Horowitz is going to spontaneously combust
    > like  Detective Bucket in Dickens' Bleak House.
    > Randy Fertel

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