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From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: 10/09/00

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    There was an unwritten rule against discussing KPFA while I was still
    getting air-time, that is until 1993. It was broken, unknowingly by the
    director of the Third World Dept. who interviewed me one Saturday night
    for two hours on the subject, and she heard about it from then General
    Manager David Salniker afterwards. When she further suggested that I be
    invited on the air to comment on election results, she was told,
    emphatically, no. When I organized a protest at the Israeli Consulate in
    1985 to protest Israel's collaboration with South Africa and its role as
    a surrogate for the US in Central America (a protest that drew nearly
    700 people) and was interviewed by the late Mama O'Shea, a KPFA talk
    show host, and had not intended to talk about Zionism, a caller, in
    defense of Israel, raised the subject, and I, understandably, offered my
    opinion on that subject.  After the show Salniker accused Mama of having
    been "duped" by me. On another occasion, when Prof. Joel Beinin of
    Stanford, whose parents live in Herzliya in Israel, but who is a critic
    of its policies, was being interviewed by Morning Show host Philip
    Maldari, Beinin, in reply to a question from Maldari, suggested that to
    properly answer the question, it was necessary to go bakc into the
    history of zionism. "Uh, oh," said Maldari.  "I don't think we'd better
    go down that road." I have never heard the subject discussed on KPFA
    since that time, and Beinin, in subsequent interviews never brought it
    up again.
    Salniker, by the way, is as much responsible for the present crisis at
    Pacifica Radio as any could be. He was the one who hired Pat Scott as
    the station's General Manager, then had her promoted to Executive
    Director where she was instrumental in the final firing of Bill Mandel
    from the KPFA airways and who suggested that Mary Francis Berry be
    selected as the chair of the Pacifica Board in 1997.  Berry, of course,
    is the one who has orchestrated the attack on KPFA and Pacifi, shutting
    down the station last summer and hiring armed guards from Atlanta to
    keep people off the property. 
    Getting back to Salniker, he also was responsible for a Strategy for
    National Programming introduced in December 1992 which essentially has
    led to Pacifica's becoming a lightweight clone of NPR. Today, he heads
    the Tides Foundation which last year laundered $30 million from the Pew
    Charitable Trust. So one might draw the conclusion that the effects of
    actions of Zionists acting in behalf of Israel from within our ranks are
    not limited to that issue.
    Jeff Blankfort
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    > From: William M Mandel <>
    > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] teeny tiny protests on Sproul Steps
    > SNIP.
    When I said on Pacifica'a air in 1967 that Israel did not necessarily
    have all
    > justice on its side in that year's Six-Day War, KPFK and WBAI, which had carried
    > me without interruption from the day the former was founded and, in the latter
    > case, even before it was given to Pacifica, took me off the air. Listener protest
    > got me back on again (which is why I haven't given up this time, after five years
    > off KPFA).
    >     For christ's sake, the issue is not the ownership of a hill, but of a country.
    > Hezbollah and Hamas are significant because two generations of young people have
    > grown up knowing nothing but occupation. And there is no worse political
    > provocateur on earth than Ariel Sharon, who is responsible for the massacres at
    > Sabra and Shatillah, and earlier ones, and went to that hill last week not as a
    > private citizen but with a bodyguard of cops who forcibly cleared people away.
    > William Mandel

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