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        Terrible typo. Khrushchev did not threaten "the U.S. of", but "the use of"
    missiles against the Anglo-French-Israeli invaders of Egypt in 1956 in their effort
    to seize the Suez Canal.
                                Bill Mandel
    John Johnson wrote:
    > Im obviously talking about public perceptions and why only 200 showed up at
    > a rally rather then the reality of the situation.
    > If there wasn't a link there is now.  Should Jews have their own country
    > would be answered yes by all but the most anti-Semitic.
    > There has been a long standing position in the opposition that Israel
    > should not exist at all, for some real reasons but that position will never
    > be viable.  There is also a long standing religious aspect to the
    > conflict.  Just as their is around the world today.  Of course most to do
    > not exist in isolation, there are usually  overlaying political and
    > economics behind such conflicts, but the religious ones add fuel and
    > divisions.
    > During anti-war campaigns during the bombing of Kosovo, the Albanians would
    > should up and have religious ceremonies, a hour later the Serbs would do
    > the same thing.  Most of the leftist there would be standing off, not
    > particularly wanted to disrespect or support either.
    > Because of and also despite of other aspects. the religious ones including
    > the claim of the hill by both is important at the moment.  Possession of
    > the  Temple Mount and the control of Jerusalem are the what are the center
    > of the current battles. In a better more democratic situation, such could
    > be negotiated but of course that has never existed there and what is has to
    > be dealt with.  I personally have no position on these issues themselves
    > and doubt many others not directly involved do either.
    > But a recent survive posted shows most are against Israeli soldiers using
    > live ammunition and are taken back by the violence.
    > >The Israelis now admit that the shooting of the 12-year-old was a "mistake."
    > >There is no basic link in our culture with Israel. This country was
    > >anti-Semitic
    > >as hell until it was discovered that Israel was willing to serve as our
    > >anchored
    > >aircraft carrier vs. the Soviet Union. I still have the issue of Collier's
    > >imagining World War III, with Lowell Thomas describing his trip on an American
    > >bomber out of Tel Aviv.
    > >     The U.S. propaganda machine went all-out to change the people's minds
    > > about
    > >Jews, exactly as it did the opposite at the same time about Our Great Soviet
    > >Ally.. Exactly as, when it was decided that the U.S. needed and could get
    > >Japan as
    > >an ally against the USSR, the former references to "Japs"disappeared from the
    > >mainstream press, radio, and TV. I think that the fact that you are
    > >resident in
    > >Los Angeles distorts your view, as would be the case if you lived in New York.
    > >     When I said on Pacifica'a air in 1967 that Israel did not necessarily
    > > have all
    > >justice on its side in that year's Six-Day War, KPFK and WBAI, which had
    > >carried
    > >me without interruption from the day the former was founded and, in the latter
    > >case, even before it was given to Pacifica, took me off the air. Listener
    > >protest
    > >got me back on again (which is why I haven't given up this time, after
    > >five years
    > >off KPFA).
    > >     For christ's sake, the issue is not the ownership of a hill, but of a
    > > country.
    > >Hezbollah and Hamas are significant because two generations of young
    > >people have
    > >grown up knowing nothing but occupation. And there is no worse political
    > >provocateur on earth than Ariel Sharon, who is responsible for the
    > >massacres at
    > >Sabra and Shatillah, and earlier ones, and went to that hill last week not
    > >as a
    > >private citizen but with a bodyguard of cops who forcibly cleared people away.
    > >
    > >William Mandel
    > >
    > >John Johnson wrote:
    > >
    > > > The main movements going on have been centered on anti-sweatshop campaigns,
    > > > local labor issues, the environmental movement.  They combined in the
    > > > WTO/INF campaigns.
    > > > Groups like Amnesty International have active chapters on many campuses.
    > > > This is a big advance since the money driven days of the Eighties.
    > > > Still no broader political movement.
    > > >
    > > > I think it will have hard to mount a campaign around Israel.  There is a
    > > > basic link our culture has with Israel.  The Palestinian movement can be
    > > > complicated to understand for many.  Hezbola and similar groups seem
    > > > centered on a very pro Muslim agenda, which doesn't resonate here.
    > > >
    > > > The current situation as reported is also a bit confusing.  Both claim
    > > > ownership of a hill, both with a long history.  Its not even up to us to
    > > > decide whos rights there.
    > > > The actors in a sense seem to be equally liable.  As the cameraman who took
    > > > the video of the 12 year old being shot said,  "both Palestinians and
    > > > Israelis bare responsibility for that.
    > > >
    > > > It will take a longer more detailed campaign to clarify the issues.
    > > >
    > > > >I too find it disheartening to hear of so few persons demonstrating on
    > > the UC
    > > > >campus.  I am not sure the rally's being re Israel accounts for the
    > > lack of
    > > > >response, especially, though.  In spite of the--very, very
    > > > >hopeful--activities the past year re WTO and re various ecological
    > > issues, in
    > > > >fact other than an occasional expressions of "Oh those dot.coms!" or "Hey,
    > > > >cool," very LITTLE political expression has come out of campuses, at least
    > > > >from what I've heard, recently.
    > > > >   But I'm not in the academic world.  What is the sense of you on
    > > this list
    > > > >who are, on student political consciousness or activity now?
    > > > >    Paula
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