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Date: 10/08/00

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    In a message dated 10/08/2000 1:24:25 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
    << I for one have had my fill not only with David Horowitz but
     with posters who respond to him. I do a text search in the
     body of all sixtiex posts for "Horowitz" and delete unread
     posts that contain references to him. (Horowitz himself is
     in a netscape kill file)
      >> other words, your own posting here would have been deleted in 
    compliance with your specific standards...interesting.  I for one find it 
    amusing that Horowitz arouses so much animosity around here.  No one has to 
    read his posts...nor does anyone have to respond to them.  At the same time, 
    the vitriolic rhetoric and dare I say it..."intolerance" towards Horowitz and 
    others who agree with him, is one of the main reasons I stick around.  
    Dogmatic intolerance of the intolerant, so to speak, with intolerance always 
    being someone who does not embrace any and all of the so-called 
    "revolutionary" movements of the 60s.  Putting Horowitz in a "netscape kill 
    file"?  Sounds a little over-the-top to me.  If this remark had been made 
    about anyone but Horowitz, the flaming would be unbearable.  But since 
    Horowitz leans to the right, he is fair game.  As one of my song lyrics says 
    "I detest intolerance...the intolerant must never be I will 
    not tolerate them."
    All I know is, as a gen-xer, I loathe the day that we have to start financing 
    the entitlements of some baby boomers.  The penchant for whining 
    self-righteousness will probably lead to mass suicide by those of us who have 
    to listen to it.  Is that harsh of me to say?  Oh well...I will just wrap 
    myself in the First Amendment like my forebears have done.  <SARCASM 
    indicator, for the humor impaired>
    Not everyone will or must agree with anyone or anything that is posted to 
    this list.  I would still like to remind some around here that the cost of 
    free speech and expression is having to hear things that offend or irritate 
    you.  Free speech includes everyone from Mandel to Horowitz.  Those on the 
    left who justly pointed out the hypocrisy and unjust nature of McCarthyism 
    and HUAC should beware lest they utilize the same witch hunt tactics, 
    justifying it only on the basis that they are "right."  Take heed you do not 
    become what you despise.
    Well, that is the extent of my rant for now.  I will return to my usual 
    lurking and chuckling.
    Brad Duren
    Instructor of History,
    Oklahoma Panhandle State University 

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