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Date: 10/07/00

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    Foster was carrying out a board of education order that students be issued ID
    cards. As you know, students in inner city schools are often prey to drug dealers,
    and I believe in this case students were also being recruited for prostitution.
    The ID cards were the board of education's attempt to protect the students from
    off-campus elements. The SLA, a demented group if there ever was one, did denounce
    this as repression.
    radman wrote:
    > radman says: My recollection was Foster wanted to institute fingerprinting,
    > but these references don't say whether the ID cards were to have students'
    > fingerprints...(not that any of it justifies murder)...
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    > From: <>
    > [Foster]...was a moderate African American educator who....aroused the
    > SLA's ire by proposing that students carry ID cards.
    > From: <>
    > The SLA claimed responsibility; members thought Foster was encouraging
    > conformity through the
    > issuance of student-identification cards.
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    > And, just to mix things up a bit..
    > From: <>
    > The purpose of the Foster murder was to establish the existence of the
    > S.L.A. In
    > October, 1973, the American Nazi Party was passing out leaflets in the San
    > Leandro shopping center, outside Oakland, that stated, "There might be
    > shotgun blasts into the guts of Mix Master principals and superintendents."
    > Dr. Foster was black, and his co-worker and close friend, Mr. Blackburn, is
    > white. A well-respected black educator was eliminated in Oakland, and the
    > murder would be associated with black radicals to spread terror among the
    > community.
    > Two different kinds of bullets were used for the shootings, which allowed
    > the white educator to live. The black man never had a chance; the bullets
    > that murdered him were tipped with cyanide.
    > Another fictitious police front, the "August Seventh Guerrilla Movement,"
    > claimed credit for the death of two Oakland policemen who went down in a
    > helicopter in December, 1973. The National Transportation Safety Board,
    > Hughes Aircraft, and local authorities said it would have been impossible
    > for radicals to have caused these deaths. The purpose of these feats of
    > violence in California, bragged about by people who are unknown even to the
    > F.B.I. and the local police, is to spread the illusion that multiple
    > terrorists are hiding among us, trying to create chaos and disrupt our
    > daily lives.
    > The result was that when Patricia Hearst was kidnapped, it appeared that
    > America's first political kidnapping was an act performed by
    > already-existing militant forces.
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    > At 06:40 PM 10/6/00 -0400, Michael Rossman <> wrote:
    > Although I abhor such violence as much as the next pacifist, even at targets
    > less-generally respected,  it's instructive to review the rationale given by
    > the SLA for the assassination of Marcus Foster. As I recall, they saw him as
    > presiding over the military pacification of the public schools -- the key
    > points being their fenced enclosure with armed guards, and the drugging of
    > then-termed "hyperactive" students, particularly with Ritalin. Although the
    > paths of development since do not coincide with SLA expectations, the irony of
    > the present situation is apparent. For the degree of protective fortification
    > and policing has advanced significantly,  not only in inner-city schools but
    > in spreading to those more privileged; and the degree of drugging, across all
    > social levels, has multiplied remarkably with the popularity of ADD/ADHD
    > diagnosis and the general trend towards pharmaceutical management of personal
    > and social problems. Ironically also, perhaps, Foster's assassination was a
    > significant factor in disrupting the development of analyses and activism
    > concerned with the conjunction of these two continuing developments.

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