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Date: 10/07/00

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    A law that guarantees equal access and equal opportunity to all is not a
    perversion of the market system, it is an expression of the market system.
    And the rule of law is not anarchy, but its opposite.
    PS And kudos to you for a civil post and for not being intimidated by the
    censors on this list.
    Jerry West wrote:
    > David Horowitz wrote:
    > The difference is that the law interfered with the market and enforced
    > segregation. Which is precisely the point.When the market is allowed
    > operate what happens is that the Greensboro lunch kitchen bigot refuses
    > black business, and his competitor who doesn't beats him out.
    > JW reply:
    > It seems that you presuppose that the people of Greensboro were opposed
    > to segregationist laws and would have gladly dined in integrated harmony
    > had the law allowed.
    > I would suggest that law or no law, the lunch kitchen bigot (or not)
    > could have weighed the number of bigots who were likely to eat there
    > against the number of others had he integrated and picked the higher
    > number (rational capitalist decision), a point that Peter Levy also
    > made. Another option is that the owner weighed the income to be made
    > from integrating against the cost of being bombed, burned and shot at by
    > his neighbors (again a rational capitalist decision, as well as a more
    > primal one that goes beyond pure economics to a case of physical
    > survival).  Not that I say that either of these were the reason, but in
    > theory they are possible alternatives.
    > As for your point that the market works when the law insists on equal
    > opportunity, one can argue that any law that regulates the market,
    > particularly as to who one must or must not sell to, is a perversion of
    > the free market system.  Both laws mandating segregation as well as
    > those mandating integration in the market place render that market no
    > longer free and under the control of non-market forces.
    > Truly free markets and free enterprise are features of anarchy.  David,
    > are you favoring anarchism? :)
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