Re: [sixties-l] Re: new ground: The Sixties and the Right

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 10/06/00

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    Marty Jezer wrote:
    >   But we, in the sixties, did do stuff that fueled the backlash and,
    > IMHO, made it a lot more severe than it needed to be.
    Who is "we." *Every* movement that has ever existed or that is ever
    going to exist attracts innumerable fringes of one sort or another (and
    if it does not provide enough, the cops will always send infiltrating
    provocateurs). Marty's complaint is as silly as complaining that the
    rain wets one. Of course "we" will turn people off, just as we will get
    sand between our toes if we go to the beach. There will always be a
    Weatherman equivalent. There will always be a Spart equivalent. There
    will always be an X equivalent (X meaning whatever you think hurts
    most). If you can't do politics in that sort of climate, go study
    Sanskrit or take up gymnastics.

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