[sixties-l] Re: all right, Israel

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/06/00

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    I hate to get into this is we are concerned to avoid list disruption, and I 
    suspect what I say will be suspect (my last name is Friedman), but I concur 
    with John Johnson that the facts/issues in the recent actions in Israel were 
    not simply armed police vs. rock-throwers, at least in the sense that there 
    were factions BOTH Israeli and Palestinian seeking to sabotage the peace 
    negotiations.  Remember that there are many more attitudes and political 
    parties among Israel's Jews--and among Palestinian Arabs--than there are 
    (significantly widely expressed) views on the issue among Americans.  Among 
    many Arab and Israeli persons, there is agreement on the one point that 
    Americans and Europeans were quite happy to make gains (military bases, cheap 
    labor, cheap guilt-placation, whatever) on the "never-ending [oh those 
    hot-tempered Semites!] Arab-Israeli squabbles".  
      --This is hardly to excuse the Israeli forces for killing that one boy or 
    any other civilians.--    I have some acquaintances who are what Bill terms 
    "professional Jews," by the way, and from them have heard various comments on 
    Ariel Sharon--none repeatable on a family listserve.   Incidentally, is 
    Menachem who recently discussed his struggle between his nonviolence living 
    in the Mideast around?--it would be interesting to hear his comments (and to 
    know if he is alright).

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