Re: [sixties-l] teeny tiny protests on Sproul Steps

From: monkerud (
Date: 10/06/00

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    Unbelievable that the Isreal is allowed to kill 70 people for throwing
    rocks at occupying troops. Are there protest anyplace else around the
    world? Neither political candidate is saying anything either, afraid to
    alienate ANY voters, but then we couldn't expect them to. The US government
    has been supporting Isreal, whose government supports their most right wing
    elements, since they began.
    My impression is that students all want to get rich and are lulled into
    style, music and going their merry way. Look forward to other's views who
    are on campus.
    Best, Don
    At 2:51 AM -0400 10/6/00, wrote:
    >I too find it disheartening to hear of so few persons demonstrating on the UC
    >campus.  I am not sure the rally's being re Israel accounts for the lack of
    >response, especially, though.  In spite of the--very, very
    >hopeful--activities the past year re WTO and re various ecological issues, in
    >fact other than an occasional expressions of "Oh those dot.coms!" or "Hey,
    >cool," very LITTLE political expression has come out of campuses, at least
    >from what I've heard, recently.
    >  But I'm not in the academic world.  What is the sense of you on this list
    >who are, on student political consciousness or activity now?
    >   Paula

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