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Date: 10/06/00

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    >From: Michael Novick <part2001@usa.net>
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    >Lawyers Seek SLA Shootout Files
    >By Linda Deutsch
    >Ap Special Correspondent
    >LOS ANGELES - Lawyers for former Symbionese Liberation Army fugitive Sara
    >Jane Olson want law enforcement agencies to resurrect long buried files on
    >the May 1974 shootout that claimed the lives of six SLA members.
    >The lawyers said in motions filed Tuesday in Superior Court that they need
    >the records to prove that SLA members were targeted for death by the Los
    >Angeles Police Department.
    >The motion said that Olson, an SLA associate, may have fled in fear for her
    >life after the fiery shootout was broadcast live on national television.
    >Olson, formerly known as Kathleen Soliah, is accused of attempting to kill
    >Los Angeles police officers by placing pipe bombs under two squad cars in
    >1975, allegedly to avenge the SLA deaths. The bombs did not detonate.
    >In a second motion, the lawyers asked for background information on two
    >former LAPD officers who say they can connect Olson to the attempted
    >bombings. The lawyers said they believe the officers have histories of
    >unreasonable use of deadly force. They also sought information on a police
    >sniper allegedly present at the shootout.
    >Olson was indicted in 1976 and remained a fugitive until her arrest last
    >year in Minnesota, where she had lived as a wife and mother. Free on $1
    >million bail, she is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 8.
    >The lawyers asked for a Nov. 10 hearing on the motions.
    >The SLA became famous with the February 1974 kidnapping of heiress Patricia
    >Hearst, who eventually helped them rob a bank. Hearst is expected to
    >testify against Olson at her trial.

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