Re: [sixties-l] teeny tiny protests on Sproul Steps

From: Ron Jacobs (
Date: 10/06/00

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    Here at the University of Vermont, there has been more political activity
    in the past year and a half than the previous five years--actions around
    Iraq, the bombing of Yugo, anti-corporate stuff....not massive numbers, but
    the core of activists seems to grow with each action....
    -ron jacobs
    At 02:51 AM 10/06/2000 EDT, you wrote:
    >I too find it disheartening to hear of so few persons demonstrating on the
    >campus.  I am not sure the rally's being re Israel accounts for the lack of 
    >response, especially, though.  In spite of the--very, very 
    >hopeful--activities the past year re WTO and re various ecological issues,
    >fact other than an occasional expressions of "Oh those dot.coms!" or "Hey, 
    >cool," very LITTLE political expression has come out of campuses, at least 
    >from what I've heard, recently.
    >  But I'm not in the academic world.  What is the sense of you on this list 
    >who are, on student political consciousness or activity now?
    >   Paula

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