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From: Mark Bunster (
Date: 10/06/00

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    David Horowitz wrote:
    > Whoever said anything about no discrimination. The point is that those
    > who discriminate lose, because it means they pay more for poorer
    > quality workers and force discriminated against workers to work for
    > lower wages thus increasing the profits of  competitors who don't
    > discriminate. Unless you think all employers are racists, then in the
    > long run those who are not will benefit from the uneconomic bigotry of
    > their rivals. Get it?
    I understood your premise long ago. But you're still asserting that
    praxis is overwhelmed by economic philosophy and policy. Your original
    claim was that women are already earning equal pay, because it makes no
    sense for them not to do so. And I respond that how we live is not
    entirely rational.
    thanks for the enlightenment.
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