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Date: 10/05/00

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    The Digger Archives is project to preserve and present the history of the
    anarchist guerrilla street theater group that was one of the legendary
    groups in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury. Shrouded in a mystique of
    anonymity, the Diggers took their name from the original English Diggers
    (1649-50) who had promulgated a vision of society free from private
    property, and all forms of buying and selling. The San Francisco Diggers
    evolved out of two radical traditions that thrived in the SF Bay Area in the
    mid-1960s: the bohemian/underground art/theater scene, and the new
    left/civil rights/peace movement.
    The Diggers combined street theater, anarcho-direct action, and art
    happenings in their social agenda of creating a free city. Their most famous
    activities included distributing free food every day, and distributing
    "surplus energy" at a series of free stores (where everything was free for
    the taking.) The Diggers coined various slogans that worked their way into
    the counterculture and even into the larger society - "Do your own thing"
    and "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" being the most
    recognizable. The Diggers, at the nexus of the emerging underground, were
    the progenitors of many new (or newly discovered) ideas such as baking whole
    wheat bread (made famous through the popular Free Digger Bread that was
    baked in one- and two-pound coffee cans at the Free Bakery); the first free
    medical clinic, which inspired the founding of the Haight-Ashbury Free
    Medical Clinic; tie-dyed clothing; and, communal celebrations of natural
    planetary events.
    1. Money Is An Unnecessary Evil
    It is addicting.
    It is a temptation to the weak (most of the violent crimes of our city in
    some way involve money).
    It can be hoarded, blocking the free flow of energy and the giant
    energy-hoards of Montgomery Street will soon give rise to a sudden and thus
    explosive release of this trapped energy, causing much pain and chaos.
    As part of the city's campaign to stem the causes of violence the San
    Francisco Diggers announce a 30 day period beginning now during which all
    responsible citizens are asked to turn in their money. No questions will be
    Bring money to your local Digger for free distribution to all. The Diggers
    will then liberate it's energy according to the style of whoever receives it
    2. A-Political Or, Criminal Or Victim Or Or Or Or Or Or Or
      . . . You're born a citizen of a nation. A citizen of a nation with rulers
    who legislate rules commanding you to be free. Free to be conditioned in
    school until you're sixteen. Free to be a compulsory soldier. Free to pay
    sixty percent of your taxes to the military budget. Free to get legally
    married. Free to work for a minimum wage. Free to vote when you're
    twenty-one. Free to vote for the democratic or republican party of your
    choice. Free to buy clothes, food, and property from the 200 corporations
    which account for 45% of the total US manufacturing in 1966. Free to obey
    arbitrary curfews. Free to have your freedom regulated by officers who are
    your friends and who protect you.
    PROTECT you from obscenity.
    PROTECT you from loitering.
    PROTECT you from nudity.
    PROTECT you from sedition and subversion.
    PROTECT you from marijuana, LSD, DRUGS.
    PROTECT you from gambling.
    PROTECT you from homosexuality.
    PROTECT you from statutory rape.
    PROTECT you from common-law marriage.
    PROTECT you from abortion.
    PROTECT you from lonely you.
    PROTECT you from demonstrations against your protectors . . .

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