[sixties-l] Re: May Day

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/06/00

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    So Roz and I both lost our May Days when the schools attacked the Red menace. 
     Mine went down in 1949.  I think they renamed it Health Day.  This was 
    probably before we got our Evacuation Route maps.  Insanity, yes.
      Yes we fought against the Vietnam War and for civil rights and against our 
    own psychological oppression--and yes, Bill is right, we made/led to lots of 
    steps for many ethnic groups, for women (--in that very general sense--the 
    recent loss of AFDC hardly exactly HELPS women (or kids)), for gays/lesbians, 
    etc., and toward rights for persons with disabilities, for adopted persons 
    and birthparents, and so on--but also maybe we were just SANE, in all senses 
    (n.b., Bill--College SANE groups pre-dated Operation Ab, though admittedly 
    they were small).

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