[sixties-l] How to automatically trash someone's email you don't want!

From: Walter Teague (wteague@erols.com)
Date: 10/05/00

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    A practical suggestion to a silly problem:
    If there is someone cluttering up your email or just annoying you by
    showing up there, here's a easy way to rid yourself of this trash.
    In Netscape: [Assign the sender's email to the Trash folder.]
    1.    Copy the email address of sender (from the From: line), for
    2.    Select the menu item Edit, then Message Filters.
    3.    Click on the New button, title it anything you want, then in the
    2nd field which
           should be showing "subject",  click on the down arrow and choose
    4.    Now, leave the next field as "contains" and go to the third field
    which should be
            blank. Click in that field and paste the copied address of the
    sender. You can
            do this by right clicking and choosing Paste or hitting the
    Ctrl-V keys.
    5.    Now go to the fith field which should be showing the "Inbox" and
    click on the
            down arrow and slide the scroll bar down until you find "Trash."
    Select Trash.
    6.    Click on the OK button and then the next OK button.
    Now, whenever email comes into your computer, this sender will just
    disappear into the trash!
    For those using MS Explorer, maybe somebody else can comment. I stay
    away from Bill's portal
    as much as I can.
    AOL has a blocking function that should work.
    Walter Teague

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