Re: [sixties-l] History of Women in North America

From: William M Mandel (
Date: 10/04/00

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    This is a very strange suggestion. Laura X, founder of the Women's History
    Research Library, and my wife Tanya, critiqued the manuscript of my SOVIET
    WOMEN (1975) literally line by line to assist me in making it a comparative
    study relative to the status of American women at that time and before. It is
    out of print and therefore the class can't use it, unless you wish to xerox
    portions. But it would be very helpful to you as the instructor, as it was to a
    great many teachers in its day. Libraries have it, as do used-book outlets. It
    was published by Doubleday-Anchor.
                                                            William Mandel wrote:
    > Im teaching a Women in North America class this spring.  Can anyone suggest
    > the best books of primary source documentations , videos  ,  and /or   send
    > me  outline for this class .   Or does anyone know the web site where i can
    > get this info.
    > Thanks
    > Roz Payne

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