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From: William M Mandel (
Date: 10/04/00

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    This is a response to an important point you make. Do you think that all the
    little handguns and shotguns and single-shot rifles plus the few relatively
    expensive semi-automatics and even automatics that civilians own, even assuming
    they were all on the same side, can outgun the helicopter gunships and heavy
    machine-guns on tanks and flamethrowers and actual artillery the armies and
    police possess? Isn't it obvious that any sign of real firepower in the hands of
    civilians serves as an excuse for the police to be armed up to what used to be
    the level of armies? Look at Israel versus the Palestinians right now.
        It may interest you to know that the Saturday Night special making pistols,
    pretty inaccurate, cheaply available to "the masses," was developed, in the
    sixties, by a man who had been a fellow Lefty of mine during the CCNY struggles
    of the 1930s. All it accomplished was to help a lot of poor folk kill each other
    off and to develop the police psychology of 41 shots first and ask questions
                                                            Bill Mandel wrote:
    > Paul Mcisaac leaving
    > >...I'm another one that's leaving this list because it's boring listening
    > >to D.H. and sad listening to his distracters.>
    > Paul  , one of my oldest sixties friend is leaving and it makes me sad even
    > if he didn't write much.
    > I agree that DH is  a flamer, but he doesn't write much.   Im against making
    > folks leave the list.   I  put the blame on some of the  folks who write
    > stuff just to "educate the rest of us"  Excuse me ,    some of  you boys say,
    > "Im going to respond to DH    and then "after I respond the rest of you
    > should ignore him. "   I do not mind having folks on this list that do not
    > agree with me.  In fact , most of you probably disagree with me on gun
    > control.  Im against it.   When the police and armies give up guns I will be
    > in favor of gun control.
    > I agree w/ John Mc Millian that DH is like the fifth grade bully and that is
    > one of the reasons DH stands out.
    > Do you think that it might be possible if folks could limit the number of
    > times a week  they write their important info .  Some of you seem to think
    > you have to respond or write all the time .  I left another list because the
    > same folks were writing all the time and it got boring.  (perhaps Im one of
    > those)   Let's give a cheer to the lurkers.    my best, roz payne

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