Re: [sixties-l] Paul/DH , this list

Date: 10/04/00

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    Roz - Why do you think Lefties respond to D.H.? I did it because he was 
    attacking a friend of mine and me by name. So I guess that was a mixture of 
    loyalty and ego. In other cases do people think they can actually win an 
    arguement with D.H. I hope not, because the differences are over class 
    identification and really that is not subject to logical debate.  The issues 
    involved are settled in the street and battle fields and not on a list like 
    this. The differences with D.H. are not like the other disagreements that 
    come up here and are subject to softening through discussion. And why does DH 
    come here?  To prove  to right-wing Republicans that he really practices what 
    he preaches to them. He tells them to get of their duffs and fight us. And 
    his role in de-stabilizing this list proves him a person of his word. Alas we 
    Stew Albert 

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