[sixties-l] Re: Rita Beigh and women's wages

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/04/00

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    When Rita Beigh gets bored with software, she can live on awards for 
    wonderful humor--GREAT post.
      In one period in my life, I earned a library degree (then, MLS)--and soon 
    discovered how low librarian wages were; why? "The word" (which may, or may 
    not, have been anecdotal) was that wages were far better comparatively before 
    most librarians were women; certainly, one has heard this of many fields 
    (where, indeed, Horowitz's hypothetical case has happened and lower salaries 
    have become the norm).
       As I think most of us know, it goes beyond equal pay for same (or even 
    equivalent) work.  The tracking of women begins, now as in and before the 
    '60s, even before grade school.  The girls can wear pants instead of skirts 
    now, and it's okay to have really solid leg muscles and be "fit", and yes 
    there are women astronauts (and doctors, esp. as managed care drives pay down 
    etc.), but the girls still hang back from math, for instance, and if there 
    are women as well as men administrators (in some levels of, and within, 
    companies), there are mostly women "administrative assistants."   And it is 
    expected still the woman will be the one lose most time off to take care of 
    the children.   This is obvious stuff, we all know all this, but, like car 
    exhausts,  it's still right out there.

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