[sixties-l] abbie sharing spotlight

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 10/01/00

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    In the interview about Abbie Hoffman  with Jeannie Garofalo she said 
    >JG: Abbie Hoffman welcomed any and all publicity. He would have killed
    >have his photo taken all the time and to be interviewed. 
    This is not exactly true , that was one of the reasons that the character of 
    Abbie didn't really work in the film.  Those who knew Abbie, knew the actor 
    wasn't really how Abbie was.    Abbie wanted publicity, but he wanted it for 
    the issue.  He gave and  shared,  the spot light around political issues with 
      other folks  and  often tried to  take it away from himself. 
     For example, I was in the car with him going to the  20 th reunion of the  
    Columbia University  l968 take over .  He saw the media coming towards him so 
    he wrote FUCK on his forhead so none of the photos of him could be used .  He 
    wouldn't talk to the press , insisting that others around   were more 
    important in the take over  at Columbia and they should talk to media.   Roz 

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