Re: [sixties-l] "Stalinist"? -- To David Horowitz

From: Tony Edmonds (
Date: 09/29/00

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    David Horowitz wrote:
     Ninety-percent of
    >my experience is that when I raise an issue I am vicious and personally
    >attacked, and then when I respond in kind (I am not about to be intimidated
    >such tactics), the other side suddenly becomes the "victim" of my "abuse."
        I can certainly understand your desire to fight back.  But I think
    sometimes you react before you are attacked, using pretty loaded, ad hominem
    language before you even need to!  I'd really like you (and all of us) to
    take our admiration of the civil rights movement seriously.  When you are
    attacked (especially "pre-attacked!!), try responding with peace, love, and
    sweet reason intsead of what seems to me to be schoolyard macho reactions
    ("I'm not about to be intimidated").
        I've read some of __Radical Son__ and find it a very moving and
    important memoir.  Some of what you say about "the left" (whatever that
    means) is no doubt accurate.  But yuor macho tone and excessive generalizing
    is off-putting.  And pity is, you don't even need to do it!
    Tony Edmonds
    Ball State University

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