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Date: 09/27/00

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    Oh my, aren^t we sensitive. You and your comrades relentlessly heap
    collective abuse on me ^ or perhaps you don^t think that accusing me of
    whoring my life and ideals for a few bucks to be a flunkey for your
    enemies is actually an insult -- and then when the tables are ever so
    slightly turned you all cry ^mommy^ and ^oh this is too much for me to
    take^ and ^I^m leaving this sandbox^ or ^I^ll have to shut my door^ or
    whatever the appropriate analogy might be for a bunch of adolescent
    sissies who can^t deal with a real world in which there might be people
    of integrity who disagree with them.
    Since you apparently don^t know anything about me, or choose to ignore
    it, let me briefly remind/inform you that I paid dearly for whatever
    political views I now have. An innocent friend of mine was murdered by
    your political comrades. My own life was derailed as a result. I went
    through years of pain, which I won^t bore you with, lost virtually all
    the friends I had gathered over 30 years and more, had to confront the
    fact that everything I had written and done was worthless and had to
    reconstitute a life in middle-age. Try it some time, and see if you^d do
    it for anything, let alone a few bucks. Which is a cheap radical myth
    anyway. On the left I was a best-selling author ^ front page Sunday
    Times reviews. Since my second thoughts, the Times, which is run by the
    soft left, doesn^t even review my books. Virtually the entire literary
    world is the world of people who don^t like what I stand for and
    wouldn^t give me the time of day. That goes for Hollywood and the
    academy too. The idea that money can buy everything and everyone is such
    bourgeois fantasy. Why am I not surprised that it^s the only idea you^ve
    You talk about the open and earnest spirit of the group. There will
    never be a book about the Sixties as honest, earnest and open as the one
    I wrote, Radical Son. The only obstacle to honest discussion on this
    site is the readiness of yourself and others like you to reduce everyone
    who disagrees with the clichs of the group to the category of an insect
    to be squashed, or of a Pavolian dog that salivates on cue when a cash
    register rings. How pathetic.
    Marty Jezer wrote:
    > Where I come from, David, the term "Stalinist" is an insult, like
    > calling someonea fascist or a racist.I've written books and have a
    > 40-year record of political activism, so if you have any specific
    > reason to accuse me of being a Stalinist, please come forward with it.
    > I've got a fat pile of FBI records. J. Edgar Hoover spent taxpayer
    > money trying to pin that label on me and  came up with nothing.But, of
    > course, you're acting from malice and ignorance. You throw the term
    > "Stalinist" around like, well.....a true Stalinist, as a grandiose
    > insult, because you have nothing concrete to say.As a Stevenson
    > Democrat during the 1950s, then a member of CORE during the nonviolent
    > phase of the civil rights movement, then as a nonviolent activist and
    > a founding editor of the War Resister's League weekly, WIN Magazine,
    > my record hardly fits that of a Stalinist.I was also a Yippie (at
    > least until August 68) because I loved its sense of humor (and
    > Stalinists have no sense of humor), was active in The Resistance, the
    > no-nuke Clamshell Alliance, and as an "anti-interventionist" rather
    > than an anti-imperialist Sandinista. As a socialist, I was Debsian and
    > an outspoken anti-Leninist when Marxism-Leninism was a minor craze
    > during the 1970s.  For the past ten years, my issue has been campaign
    > finance reform, and my solution total public financing (i.e., Clean
    > Money). I believe in democracy and I believe that radicalism is an
    > American tradition. Some Stalinist.There are people on this list with
    > whom I've fought political battles going back to the 1960s.  There are
    > some people who I'm still arguing with. But I would never call them
    > names or insult them. I'll march for justice with anyone who will
    > march with me, if not on one issue than on another.  I don't think
    > I'll ever meet you on any march for peace, equality, opportunity,
    > democracy, or justice. This list is for discussion. Honest
    > disagreements help people learn. You're here to insult and harass, and
    > you're paid to do it. You're here in violation of the open and earnest
    > spirit of the group.I don't expect or care for an apology from you.
    > You're not worth it.  Abbie Hoffman wrote that people have a choice.
    > They can either go for the gelt or they can devote their lives to
    > justice. You've gone for the gelt, David. And as Abbie said to Judge
    > Julius Hoffman, you're "a shanda  fur de goyem."  (Loosely -- and
    > ecumenically -- translated as a "whore for right-wing racists,
    > anti-Semites and other greedy people who disdain justice but love
    > power."You say you have 40,000 people that support your efforts. I
    > assume that, if true, you got these names from mailing lists. So in
    > addition to the right-wing foundations who support your harassment of
    > the people on this list, let's hear what mailing lists those 40,000
    > contributors come from.With your usual disregard for truth, you talk
    > about left-wing academics making huge salaries. That's a right-wing
    > myth that's bandied about without substantiated. Yeah, a few lefty
    > academics have become tenured professors. They're in the classroom
    > teaching students. Should they be paid less than their apolitical or
    > conservative colleagues?  Should they be fired from the jobs? Should
    > they be denied tenure?Barring some new personal attack from Horowitz,
    > I hope this is the last you'll hear from me on the subject of David
    > Horowitz. I suggest that others let his posts go by without  comment.
    > And that we can continue our sometimes interesting and passionate
    > discussions.Cheers,Marty JezerAt 06:22 PM 9/26/2000 -0700, David
    > Horowitz wrote:>Spoken lilke a true Stalinist Marty. If were still on
    > the left I would have an>academic sinecure for six figures, courtesty
    > of my political comrades, and>would>waltz into campuses collecting
    > five figure fees (how many speeches do you think>say a Communist hack
    > like Angela Davis gives in a year at $25,000 a pop?) Or>some>Hollywood
    > halfwit named Greenwald would be doing my biopic. Of course there
    > are>leftwing losers (maybe we should call them "idealists") who are
    > still doing>it on>a volunteer basis. Just for the record, not that you
    > would care, I am supported>by 40,000 contributors across the United
    > States, many of them no better-heeled>than you. I like to think of it
    > as a movement. Just for old times' sake.>
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