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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 09/28/00

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    The znet piece by Margaret Randall, on being cut off from health coverage at 
    63 and on the growing (sense of)/powerlessness in so many, reverberates for 
    me as I feel unable to leave my job, despite discriminatory acts by the 
    employer, for fear of being unable to afford the health coverage that, 
    theoretically, I could continue under Cal-COBRA (IF the employer keeps on 
    having health coverage, and doesn't close, etc.).  Meanwhile, one of my sons, 
    well out of his 20s, shares an apartment, one son in his early twenties 
    cannot afford most rooms, in the Bay Area, but when I look outside, the great 
    smog (and associated housing costs) extends now over the central valley and 
    beside freeway I-80 over the Sierra crest (including stretches on both sides 
    of the road) into the giant smog growing up from Reno, and onward...  On 
    another list I'm on, a woman recounts what neglect (and its effects on body 
    and spirit) she saw from overworked aides in nursing homes.   Entering the 
    Reel video place, I gave 50 cents to the guy next to the one selling Street 
    Sheet--but knowing that leaves about nothing the next few days, since my 
    hours cutback.   There was a guy talking to himself crossing the street this 
    afternoon, another one by the bank, hungry.  
        ---In the early 1960s we were all in silenced terror of The Bomb; we 
    didn't hope much that we could stop any war; but somehow we thought, because 
    there was Vietnam happening, "But we HAVE to try to stop masscre!"  And we 
    did, probably, prevent that turning to nuclear conflict (plus, we created 
    QUITE a bit of positive social change, and a legacy, a remembrance, that may 
    take off again).
       --There is a massacre now, here.  We HAVE to try to stop this one, too.  
    And WE...is it possible the anti-globalization force can grow into this 
    movement we need? How do we help this happen?

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