Re: [sixties-l] New Movie on SDS

From: John Campbell McMillian (
Date: 09/26/00

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    I agree with both Tom and Marty's sentiments almost entirely, although it
    strikes  me as kind of strange that so many people on this list have found
    a need to proclaim that, in spite of all his bombast and rhetoric,
    Horowitz is "actually quite a smart guy."  C'mon guys!  For one, there's
    lots of smart people on this list, and two, Horowitz isn't exactly any
    kind of special genius or anything. 
    But my basic point is this:  I'm absolutely positive that Horowitz
    takes great real delight in how easily he raises hackles on this list, and
    thus far, I fear we've all been suckers for playing along.   On principle,
    I would be strenuously opposed to censoring anyone or removing anyone from
    the list.  But instead of all getting bozo filters, I'd suggest that
    those of us who are interested in using this list for meaningful and
    productive discussions of the 1960s should simply begin to think more
    carefully about which types of  messages we respond to, and why.  
    Hope everyone's well,
    John McMillian

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