Re: [sixties-l] New Movie on SDS

From: Marty Jezer (
Date: 09/25/00

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    I've pretty much stayed out of the bashing Horowitz stuff, but enough is
    Horowitz is paid by right-wing foundations to attack the left.  It's his
    job to attack,
    disrupt and harass radicals. The rest of us are doing this on our spare
    time because
    the subject interests us. I'm certainly not against controversy, but it
    should be honest.
    Howorwitz is not an honest contributor.  He's a paid agitator.  
    In the interst of full disclosure, Horowitz ought to tell us which
    foundations he's flacking for, and how much they give him.
    At 11:45 AM 9/23/2000 -0700, you wrote:
    >Well, the Sixties wasn't just about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and that's 
    >what the American public thinks. It was also about sappy involvement

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