Re: [sixties-l] list rants and flames

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: 09/14/00

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    With all due respect, Joe, all that I have seen from you on this list,
    pre-Horowitz, dealt with your desire to put up plaques to honor Vietnam
    veterans.  Maybe, before I got on the list, you had other comments about
    other subjects pertaining to the 60s, but no one has been stopping you
    from doing that but yourself.
    I sent one post to Horowitz yesterday, ending that thread on my end, but
    I think you give him too much credit. And what about the Republican
    Party would you like to preserve?
    I am only slightly less an activist today than I was in the 60s when I
    was very active except that I am more concerned with local issues than I
    was then. However, I find your suggestion that there is a Win/Win
    solution to all problems no more realistic today than would have been if
    advanced 35 years ago.
    Jeff Blankfort
     Joe McDonald wrote: 
    > Thanks for the backup Ted. I was thinking today of the 60's List and my
    > predicament: to stay or unsubscribe and then a thought popped into my head
    > which I will mention now since you brought up the radical Right.  I think that
    > David Horowitz has perhaps accomplished more than he dreamed of:  The Radical
    > Left is fragmented now into little esoteric ineffective groups that are mostly
    > just flamers AND the Radical Right thanks to David and people like him have
    > managed to almost totally destroy the Republican Party.  So to his credit, and
    > others who engage in his trap of trying to answer his rants, he, and others
    > like him on the Left and the Right, have accomplished quite a lot.  Dialogue is
    > gone and just in-your-face non-negotiable rants and flame are left.
    > We all know that our survival is in Win/Win solutions to all problems.  With
    > the flamers and ranters monopolizing all the air space and making
    > non-negotiable demands this is impossible!
    > I belong to another list where the moderator does not allow one bit of
    > flaming.  The minute it starts she cautions it to end and if it continues then:
    > If this list is to survive there must be perimeters.  Out and out provocative
    > posts: Rants and Flames, cannot be allowed.  Also really stupid posts that are
    > misspelled and do not make sense cannot be allowed.  This of course means that
    > the moderator
    > must READ all the posts and make the hard decisions that this kind of
    > leadership demand: to post or not to post that is the question.  For us members
    > it is to subscribe or unsubscribe that is our question.
    > But dammit! I was part of the 60's and think I have a right to be part of this
    > list and participate in a way that does not get me so extremely disgusted and
    > upset everyday.  Even back in the day we made decisions like that.  Certain
    > people who did not pull their weight and just caused trouble were kicked out
    > and the others had to "respect" where everyone was coming from...or at least
    > make an effort to. This is not happening now.  What we have is nothing less
    > than tabloid sensationalistic BS dominated by  a tiny handful of people.  I am
    > going to hang on here and see if anything positive can happen but if it does
    > not happen soon I AM OUTTA HERE!
    > Peace Out Country Joe McDonald

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